Paatham - The Learning App and School Management System

Share The Knowledge Not Sensitive Data

Cyber security has been a major global concern in the last few years. We most certainly enjoy the benefits of the internet, social media and technology, but we would also like to avoid governments, at best, and spiteful people, at worst, having free access to our personal (and, rightfully, private) information.

Few things are more important than online security. Paatham is committed to protecting your learners, your content, and your data.
Data encryption-at-rest means that your data is secure. All information in our database is encrypted, so even in the unlikely event of a breach, our partners and customers are protected.
All data transferred to and from Paatham is encrypted with industry-standard SSL, meaning that anyone listening in will just hear garbage.
Paatham has scalability in our DNA. We could tell you all about our microservices-based, serverless architecture. But let's just say, we can handle any user volume you throw at us.
Historically, Paatham has better than 99.99% uptime. We periodically have short maintenance periods to release great new features. During those periods, learners can typically continue their personalized learning.
Cloud security is our highest priority. We are hosted at Amazon's India data center which has global security and privacy certifications.